About Fujie sabo

330 years ago a local community merchant revolutionized tea.
Allowing others to experience centuries of craftsmanship and passion are Yamamotoyama's reason for being.

"Truly great tea carries the heart and inspiration of the craftspeople who made it.
It needs to be shared with as many people as possible."
This was the conviction of Kahei Yamamoto I, the founder of Yamamotoyama.
This remains the conviction of Yamamotoyama ever since our founding in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, in 1690.

As with Kahei Yamamoto I, we want to share the experience of truly delicious tea and roasted nori seaweed,
so people will come to know the wonderfully authentic delights of Japan.
These thoughts are embodied in Fujie sabo.

About Fujie sabo


Fujie sabo entertains all five senses with the naturally rich flavor and aroma of the finest tea.
Together with exclusive tea available here and nowhere else,
you may enjoy unique meals featuring exceptional Yamamotoyama roasted nori seaweed.

About Sabo


In addition to Fujie sabo original teas,
roasted nori seaweed assortments and teaware,
we can also customize gift assortments for any occasion.

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